Tips for Choosing the Right Outdoor Lights
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Tips for Choosing the Right Outdoor Lights

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Tips for Choosing the Right Outdoor Lights

Outdoor lighting is growing in popularity as an addition to many homes as it not only increases the curb appeal, but helps with security and ensuring the safety of guests. From the gorgeous outdoor pendant that greets you at the front door, to the modern post lighting that guides your way through the back yard, outdoor lighting can help enhance all exterior areas around your home as well as improve curb appeal and create safer walkways for you, your family and your guests at the front of your home. In the backyard, outdoor wall lights and outdoor sconces provide the same safety features and make for a more enjoyable deck or patio.


Figuring out how to choose outdoor light fixtures for your home starts with understanding your options. 

Find Your Lighting Style

Consider the façade of your home and make note of any unique qualities.  Take your home’s architectural features into account when looking for outdoor lighting.

Match your new outdoor lighting fixtures to existing fixtures around your home. For example, if you have a brass door handle and knocker, adding light fixtures that are made with a similar brass finish can give your home a cohesive, well-designed look. 


Look for outdoor lighting fixtures that match your home’s trim. If you have dark trim on a white house, a dark lighting fixture can blend in even if doesn’t match all other fixtures. Coordinating your lighting to your trim generally gives your home visual balance.

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